Homemade Balance Scale

Homemade Balance Scale


Materials Needed:

Wire cutter
Wire hanger
2 paper cups
Small hole puncher
Masking or electrical tape
A variety of small items (e.g. pennies, paper clips, crayons, marbles)


What to Do:

Cut the middle section out of the bottom part of the hanger. A wire cutter works well for this step.
Bend the cut ends up slightly.
Cover the sharp ends with masking/electrical tape.
Cut two pieces of string so they are of equal size (6-8 inches is recommended).
Punch two holes in each cup, so they are on opposite sides from each other and about 1/2 to 1 inch below the rim of the cup.
Make a handle on each cup using the string.
Hang cups on hanger so that you have a cup on each side.
Put one object in each cup and hang the "balance scale" on finger, doorknob, coat hook, etc...
Ask children what object they think weighs more and why.
Repeat this process using different items.


* This is a teacher/adult made project for the children to use as a learning tool.

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