Scent Vials

Scent Vials


Materials Needed:

Five to ten 35mm film canisters (local film developing stores usually have plenty to give away)
Different scented items (e.g. spices, cotton balls (soaked in lemon juice, almond extract, vanilla extract, orange extract, etc...), soap pieces, apple pieces)
Blindfold (optional)


What to Do:

Using five to ten 35 mm film canisters, fill each one with different scented items.
Number the lids, so you can keep track of which scent item is in each canister.
Blindfold the child's eyes or just have them close their eyes.
Take the lid off the canister and hold it under the child's nose.
Ask them to try and guess what the scent is.


Caution: Make sure child does not have any allergies to products you are using. Just the smell of peanut better or other scents can cause irritation to an allergic child.



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