Mouse and Dog Valentine Holders


Mouse and Dog Valentine Holders


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (black, pink, and red)
2 - Large white paper plates
Black marker or crayon

Template 1 & Template 2


What to Do:

Using templates (Template 1 & Template 2), trace and cut out:

- Mouse and dog ears, nose and eyes on black construction paper.
- Small hearts on red construction paper.
- Large hearts on pink construction paper.

Cut off a small section, in the shape of an arch, at the top of one of the paper plates.
Place cut plate upside down and on top of whole plate. Staple around the edges. (Teacher should do this step.)
For dog holder, instruct children to glue ears, nose and eyes on top plate.
For mouse holder instruct children to:

- Glue ears behind the bottom plate by positioning them at about eleven and one o'clock.
- Glue eyes and nose on top plate.

Instruct children to glue:

- Small heart on top of larger heart.
- Heart at an angle on to bottom of bottom plate by slightly overlapping it.

Using black marker or crayon instruct children:

- For mouse, to draw whiskers from both sides of nose.
- For dog, to draw a few dots on both sides of nose.


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