Materials Needed:

6-Inch Diameter Styrofoam balls
Construction paper (your choice of color)
Large white paper plate (Construction paper was used in sample pic, but paper plate is easier for child to carry around.)
Red Tempera Paint
Small hole puncher
Drinking straw
Blue crayons


What to Do:

Cut out triangle shapes for sails onto your choice of colors of construction paper.

Cut styrofoam balls into quarters.
Instruct children to:

- Paint Styrofoam quarters with red tempera paint.
- Use small hole-puncher to punch two holes in center of sail, punching one near the top center and one near the bottom center.
- Slide straw into bottom hole and out of the top hole.
- Push straw with sail on it into the boat where ever they think it should go.
- Color paper plate blue.
- Glue the bottom of boat to the paper plate, or just set it on the plate so it can be moved around on the plate.


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