Our Own Beanstalks
Our Own Beanstalks

Materials Needed:
Image1 Medium wide-mouthed jars (one per child)
Image1 Dried beans (4 or 5 per child)
Image1 White paper towels (several per child)
Image1 Tweezers
Image1 Water

What to Do:
Image1 Give each child a jar and several paper towels.
Image1 Fold the paper towels in half and then into a cylinder.
Image1 Dampen the cylinders with water, and then place them into the jars (making sure they are wet enough to spread along the sides of the jar).
Image1 Using their tweezers, instruct the children to carefully place their beans, evenly spaced, between the jar wall and the paper towels.
Image1 Invite the children to place their jars in a sunny area.
Image1 Remind them to check their paper towels daily to see if they need to be dampened. Help them to understand the importance of not letting their paper towels dry out.
Image1 Watch to see what happens in about 7-10 days.
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