Driving to the Right Destination


Driving to the Right Destination

Materials Needed:
Image1 5-10 Shoeboxes
Image1 5-10 Toy cars
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Tape
Image1 Picture cards (with a single item on each card)
Image1 Dot stickers
Image1 Fine tip marker

What to Do:
Image1 Take the lids off the shoeboxes and cut off one end of the shoeboxes.
Image1 Turn the shoeboxes over so the open side is on a flat surface, such as a tabletop or the floor.
Image1 Tape one picture card to the outside bottom (which is now the top) of each shoebox.
Image1 Put a sticky dot on each of the toy cars.
Image1 Using the marker, write one letter on each of the dots. Make sure you only use letters that the name of the items pictured on the top of shoebox "garages" begin with.
Image1 Instruct the children to try and park the cars in the right garages.

* For younger children, write the item name below each of the items pictured.

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