“Pot of Gold” Letter Game

"Pot of Gold" Letter Game

Materials Needed:

Large black plastic pot (you may be able to find this in a craft/party goods store)
Items beginning with chosen letter (items should be small in size)
Tote (to hold chosen items)
26 Index cards (unlined)
Items NOT beginning with the "chosen letter" (items should be small in size)

What To Do:

Write a different letter of the alphabet on each of the 26 index cards.
Choose a letter and tape it to the front of the pot. (This is the "chosen letter".)
Place items beginning with the chosen letter and some items not beginning with the chosen letter into the tote.
Have the children take turns choosing an item from the tote that he/she thinks begins with the letter on the pot. After choosing an item, have him/her place that item into the pot.

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