What It Takes To Be…

What It Takes To Be...


Materials Needed:

5 or 6 small totes
Pictures of community service workers (e.g. police officer, firefighter, postal worker, construction worker, doctor, dentist, librarian, teacher, veterinarian)
Pictures of items related to the community service workers chosen *(see example list below)
Laminating materials


What to Do:

Laminate the pictures of the community service workers and the pictures of the items related to them.
Tape a picture of a community service worker on all but one of the small totes.
Place the pictures of items related to the workers into the remaining tote.
Invite the children to remove pictures from the "related items" tote, one at a time, and place them into the appropriate "community worker" tote.

 Examples of pictures of related items:

- Police Officer - hat, badge, police car
- Firefighter - hat, jacket, fire engine, fire station boots, fire hydrant
- Postal Worker - mailbag, hat, mail truck, mailbox, stamps
- Construction Worker - hard hat, tools, tool belt, warning signs, trucks
- Doctor - stethoscope, lab coat, blood pressure cup, thermometer (non-mercury type)
- Dentist - toothbrush, dental floss, dental pick, dental chair, smile
- Librarian - books, library card, computer
- Teacher - chalk, chalkboard, ruler, pencils
- Veterinarian - Cats, Dogs, Dog food, Cat food, Pet carrying cage, leashes

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