My Emergency Telephone Book

My Emergency Telephone Book


Materials Needed:

6 large unlined index cards per child
Pictures of police officers, firefighters and family members/family adult friend
Hole puncher
Binder rings - 1 for each child


What to Do:

Send home a note at least one week before project, asking parents what relatives/friends they would like their child to call in case of an emergency (up to 3). Tell them you need their names, telephone numbers and a picture of them (preferably with just them in the photo).
Ask them if they could also send in a photo of their child.
Have the children cut out a picture of a police officer and one of a firefighter, and ask them to glue each one on a separate index card. Using marker, write 911 under each picture.
Have each child glue his/her picture on their cover card.
Then have the children glue their family/friend's photos on the remaining individual cards.
Using a marker, clearly write each corresponding name and telephone number under his/her picture.
Using a marker, write "(Child's Name's) Emergency Telephone Book" under the picture.
Using a hole puncher, punch a hole in the upper left side of the cover index card. One at a time, place each card neatly under the cover card and using pencil, mark a dot through the punched hole to the card underneath it. Take the card out and punch a hole where it is marked. Continue doing this with each card. This ensures better alignment of cards.
After all cards are punched, place the cover card on top, then the police officer, the firefighter, and the remaining cards in whatever order chosen. Clip the binder ring through the cards. The children now have their emergency telephone books.
Have them practice dialing on play phones.

* It is important to stress that they should NEVER dial 911 unless there is an emergency. You may want to give some examples of what constitutes a real emergency.



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