Singing around the Campfire

Singing around the Campfire

Materials Needed:

Small logs and sticks (free of bugs, of course)
Red, orange, and yellow construction paper
Laminating material
Marshmallows (optional)

What To Do:

Cut out flame shapes from the red, orange, and yellow construction paper.
Glue flame shapes together to resemble a campfire.
Laminate flames.
Pile logs and sticks together to resemble a campfire. Place laminated flame sticking up from the center of the logs.
Have children sit around the "campfire" and teach them different "campfire songs". (i.e. "She'll be coming around the mountain", "Oh, Suzannah", "Home on the Range", etc.)
To make more interesting and fun, you may want to give each child a clean stick and marshmallow to "roast" over the campfire.

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