Finish the Face Game

Finish the Face Game


 Materials Needed:

Head printout
8 - Index cards (unlined)
Pencils, markers, or crayons
A basket


What to Do:

Make copies of the head printout (one copy for every child).
On each of the index cards draw one of the following body parts: a nose, a mouth, an eye, another eye, an ear, another ear, a neck, and some hair.
Place the index cards face down into a basket.
Have two children at a time take turns picking a card from the basket. Instruct the children to draw whatever body part they picked onto their head printout sheet (explain that it does not have to look exactly like the picture on the card).
After a child has picked a card and drawn it, instruct them to return that card to the basket.
If a child pulls out a card with a body part that is already drawn, then they need to put the card back into the basket and it will then be the other child's turn.
The first child to draw all of the body parts wins the game.

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