Dinosaur Rescue

Dinosaur Rescue

Materials Needed:
Image1 Plastic containers (e.g. ice cream, sour cream, cool whip)
Image1 Plastic dinosaurs (small)
Image1 Salt
Image1 Eyedroppers
Image1 Food coloring

What to Do:
Image1 Freeze approximately two inches of water in assorted size containers.
Image1 Place small plastic dinosaurs on top of frozen water.
Image1 Add two more inches of water on top of frozen water and dinosaurs and freeze again.
Image1 Add another layer of dinosaurs and keep repeating the process until the containers are full.
Image1 Remove frozen ice blocks from containers and place in sensory table.
Image1 Mix water, salt, and food coloring in small containers.
Image1 Provide children with craftsticks and eye droppers and invite children to drip the colored salt water using the eye droppers onto the ice blocks to help "rescue" the dinosaurs. The craft sticks can be used to help with the digging through the ice.

* Notes: Plan ahead! While this activity takes some advance preperation time, in our experience the end results were well worth the investment! You may choose to let the children keep the dinosaurs that they "rescue".

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