Our Interactive Aquariums
Our Interactive Aquariums

Materials Needed:
Image1 Gravel
Image1 Shells
Image1 Plastic plants
Image1 Plastic fish
Image1 Net (small)
Image1 Water thermometer
Image1 Sensory table (with water)
Image1 Rakes (small ones)

What to Do:
Image1 Fill the bottom of the sensory table with gravel, shells, and plastic plants.
Image1 Add water and fish to the sensory table.
Image1 Provide a small fish net and water thermometer for the children to explore with.
Image1 Explain to the children how to use the water thermometer and discuss the importance of a safe water temperature for fish.
Image1 Invite children to use the rakes and fish nets to arrange the “fish tank” in any way they would like.
Image1 When finished remind the children to wash their hands.
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