Put Me On My Tree


Put Me On My Tree

Materials Needed:  
Image1 Construction paper (variety of leaf colors)  
Image1 Cardstock/posterboard (brown and green for tree)  
Image1 Tree template  
Image1 Leaf template or store bought leaves  
Image1 Markers

What to Do:  
Image1 Using template trace/print trees onto cardstock/posterboard and cut out.
Image1 Write the  tree names onto the trunks (e.g. Elm, Maple, Oak)  
Image1 Using template trace/copy leaves onto construction paper and cut out.
Image1 Label leaves with words that match the tree types.  Laminate for durability.  
Image1 Instruct the children to try and place the leaves on the correct tree, matching the words on the tree to the words on the leaves.

* For younger children, add shape of leaf to tree trunk. Children can match shape while seeing the words.



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