Going On A Texture Walk

Going On A Texture Walk


Materials Needed:

Several items of different textures (e.g. newspapers, rug samples, Astroturf, ceiling tile, wood pieces)
Blindfold (optional)


What to Do:

Construct a texture path by lining up items of different textures (children may help you with this step).
Make sure path is safe (no splinters in wood, sharp edges, slippery bases, etc...).
Blindfold one or two of the children at a time and have them walk slowly down the path barefooted (If the child is frightened by the blindfold have them walk down the path without it).
As the children are walking down the path ask them to explain how it feels.
You may want to set them up following a pattern (e.g. soft texture, hard texture)  Invite the children to try and guess the pattern.

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