Polar Bear in the Snow

Polar Bear in the Snow


Materials Needed:
Image1 Construction paper (white and dark blue)
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Pencils
Image1 White paint
Image1 Small round sponges with handles (or attach a clothespin to a small sponge shape to use as a handle)
Image1 Tape
Image1 Polar bear template


What to Do:
Image1 Trace and cut out polar bear template onto white paper.
Image1 Tape bear cut-out onto the dark blue construction paper.
Image1 Instruct children to paint around the edge of the polar bear so it looks like snow. (This is to see how the polar bear blends in using his white coat).
Image1 Remove bear and allow paint to dry.

Image1 After the paint has dried, tape stencil back on so that children can lift the bear to see how camouflage works.




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