What I Would Put in My Alphabet Soup

What I Would Put in My Alphabet Soup


Materials Needed:

Metal soup pot
Magnetic letters
Pictures of food items
Laminating material
Container to hold laminated food items


What to Do:

Cut out pictures of food items (preferably several for each letter of the alphabet but it may be difficult to find foods that begin with certain letters).
Glue the food pictures to posterboard and then cut them out.
Write the name of the food item on the back of the posterboard.
Laminate the food items.
Place food items together in a container. A cute idea for a container to hold the laminated food cut-outs, is a shoebox decorated to look like a refrigerator.
Invite a child to pick out a magnetic letter to stick to the outside of the soup pot and then instuct the children to take turns putting food items that begin with that letter into the soup pot.

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