Earn Your Feathers

Earn Your Feathers


Materials Needed:

Many different colors of construction paper (for feathers)
Black fine tip marker
Brown construction paper or a sentence strip (for headband)


What to Do:

Cut out many different colors of feathers (enough for each child to have at least four).
Cut a strip of brown construction paper or a sentence strip for each child, wide and long enough to comfortably fit around child's head with room for overlapping (you may have to add an extension if using paper, to fit around some heads).
Tape/staple the headband together.
Write things like "helped a friend," "did a good deed," "good helper," on each of the feathers using the marker.
As each child earns their feather by doing something good, give it to the child along with some tape to tape it onto band.


* You could leave some blank to use for unique things a child might do.

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